• traditional thai massage

    A blend of acupressure and stretching technique, this firm massage helps to release muscle tension and increase flexibility.

  • Four Elements Aroma Massage

    A deeply relaxing massage using slow and graceful palm strokes and thumb pressure.

  • Original Swedish Musche Relaxation

    An invigorating bodywork witch user a system of long gliding strokes, kneading, and friction techniques on the more superficial layers of muscles.

  • Palm Ayuraveda East Myth

    A fusion of Thai Traditional Massage and deep tissue massage, using warm herbal oil, to clear any blockage of the "sen" or energy line.

  • Slimming Massage

    Enjoy the Thai style of invigorating notifying massage through the slimming properties of Geranium

  • Thai Herbal Balm Massage for Tired feet

    A heavenly treatment for tired feet. Pamper your legs and feet with this soothing massage using Thai Herbal Balm.

  • Distress Head and Shoulder Massage

    Excellent treatment to alleviate headaches and migraine through use of acupressure massage.

  • Traditional Thai Massage with Thai Herbal Heat Pack

    Experience this ancient healing technique to relax aching muscles and ease away tension.